Women Players

The LA Blades is a co-ed club.  We currently only have Blades womens teams playing during tournaments (Play LA and the Gay Games) and roller tournaments (Give Blood Play Hockey).  There are many opportunities for women to play ice hockey and roller hockey. We have Blades players or former Blades players on most of these teams.

There are 2 women’s leagues in the LA area:

1. An intermediate level at Panorama City that plays on Sundays at 4:30pm and 6pm   

2. A novice level (about ¼ of the players are intermediate) at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo that plays Friday nights 

Advanced women players have 3 options: 

  1. The Lady Ducks in the Anaheim area
  2. The West Side Shockers in the LA area
  3. The LA Traffic in the LA area

These teams practice and go to the Nationals ever year. Some play in league against men’s teams.  They also go to numerous tournaments across the US.

If you would like more info or know who to contact for a particular team or tourney, please contact Brynne at (949) 636-0933 or crittercatchers@cox.net